Kevin Jessip

GSA & Board President

Kevin is an advisor to national and global leaders within the business, political and faith community. Over the decades, Jessip has used his experience as an executive for one of the world’s largest publicly traded companies and his work with faith-based outreaches, as a catalyst for founding, developing, and funding organizations.

Jessip is known for his ability to “network” a proven methodology to create successful strategic alliances worldwide. His relationships with many of the Fortune 500 companies, government officials, and non-profits have resulted in the transformation of individuals, communities, and corporations. Global Strategic Alliance is a faith-based organization whose mission is to restore Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework on a local, state, national, and international level. This method encourages engagement through dialogue, civic involvement, and personal responsibility at every level of society. GSA is uniquely positioned as a voice addressing concerns and advocating for marginalized people. It is equipped for maximum impact through its alliances and initiatives, while connecting organizations for greater strategic impact. GSA’s voice includes behind-the-scenes strategic planning with corporate, government and faith leaders working toward real solutions facing our national and international communities.

Jessip brings a wealth of experience to community transformation best practices, helping them define a course of action including: preparing a realistic feasibility study, anticipating various risks and mitigating them, linking budgets to resources and priorities, conducting realistic partner and assessment and selection, superior resource strategy planning, coupling investment and rewards with performance. Currently, Jessip is involved in the “Nehemiah Project” which is rebuilding and restoring America’s inner cities, and leading a collaborative team with some of the top corporate leaders in the United States.

After attending North Central Bible College, Kevin has traveled around the world sharing the Gospel on television, radio, and in print. Currently, Kevin is involved in the “Nehemiah Project” which is rebuilding and restoring America’s inner cities, and the “Joseph Mandate” which is a global initiative aligning the nations with The Everlasting Covenant, Word of God.